Valente’s Italian Specialties to open soon in Haddonfield

Courier-Post | Tammy Paolino | June 12, 2018

Margaret Atwood famously said, “Potential has a shelf life.” Marcello De Feo has internalized that notion perhaps a bit more acutely than many of us… [link] [pdf]

Tradition, Legacy, Community at Roots of Valente’s Italian Specialties

NJ Pen | Matt Skoufalos | May 30, 2018

For Marcello De Feo, “Everything is about family.” The firstborn son of an immigrant Italian family, De Feo largely was raised on the traditions his mother, Santa Bianca, and nonna, Paola, brought to America with them from Abruzzo… [link] [pdf]

Valente’s Italian Specialities Haddonfield, NJ.

Philly Bite | Joy Franklin | May 08, 2018

Valente’s Italian Specialities revealed that the company will be opening up a brick and mortar retail shop in downtown of Haddonfield, NJ. Valente’s aims to create the fresh pasta, sauces, and various other Italian specialties… [link] [pdf]

Valente’s Italian Specialties Brick and Mortar in Haddonfield

Philly Grub | Marilyn Johnson | April 04, 2018

Valente’s Italian Specialities announced that they will be opening a brick and mortar retail store in downtown Haddonfield, NJ. Proprietor Marcello De Feo expects a late spring opening for the specialty food store located at 7 Kings Court in the heart of the downtown area… [link] [pdf]

Local Grub: Valente’s Italian Specialties

Philly Grub | Marilyn Johnson | September 01, 2017

The story of Valente’s Italian Specialties actually begins in the small town of Bisenti in the Abruzzo region of Italy, which is where proprietor Marcello De Feo’s grandparents (Paola and Corrado) and children (Santa and Gaetano) migrated from. This immigrant story is the same as so many others; the Valente’s came to America from Italy in search of a better life. Lucky for us they did; bringing their culture and cuisine with them… [link] [pdf]