Valente’s is looking for a reliable, responsible, and skilled sous chef to be our second in command. A culinary degree is not necessary but a candidate who has paid dues and worked the way up the line is preferred. Experience at upscale and authentic Italian establishment(s) also preferred. As the sous, you will be responsible for making sure the kitchen and all of its components run smoothly.


  • Execute flawlessly and consistently
  • Cook and/or oversee all dishes that get made
  • Oversee all back of house employees
  • Lead by example, setting the standard that everyone else in the kitchen must follow
  • Manage the staff, taking the time to train, teach, correct, and even discipline when necessary
  • Develop specials, tweak recipes, and assess what is working and what is not
  • Assist in food prep
  • Manage and occasionally order inventory
  • Ensure staff is compliant with safety and sanitation regulations
  • Foster and maintain a positive work environment
  • Clean and maintain your station


  • Active ServSafe Food Manager certification
  • 3+ years of experience as a sous chef or comparable position
  • 3+ years of experience cooking at an upscale Italian establishment
  • Impeccable time management skills
  • Solid knife skills
  • Ability to follow Head Chef’s requirements, guidelines, and recipes
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Good under pressure
  • Self motivated, responsible, reliable

Job Details

Valente’s is looking for a passionate pastaio/pastaia who is dedicated to the craft of mastering artisan pasta. We are looking for the next Sabrina Botteri, someone whose growth we can foster in the journey towards pasta making mastery.

As a pasta maker, you will be responsible for creating the various artisan shapes and cuts of pasta we will sell in our store. These varietals will include — but not be limited to stuffed pasta (i.e. caramelle, ravioli, agnolotti, culurgiones, etc). Your job will also involve making the filling for these varietals, which may include cooking on the line.

You will have the opportunity to experiment new ways of making pasta dough using different ingredients (i.e. squid ink, beet, etc.), or combining different doughs together into one. You will also be able to use our stone mill to grind berries fresh to make wheat for the dough.

Your pasta will be sold fresh from our store, frozen, wholesale, and/or used in our grab-and-go dishes.

Job Responsibilities

  • Making fresh pasta for daily sales in retail and wholesale
  • Experimenting with various grains, shapes, and recipes
  • Participating in basic store duties (such as cleaning, answering the phone, working with customers, etc.) when needed
  • Ability to train other employees on new recipes and shapes to ensure consistency
  • May be required to teach pasta classes in the shop
  • Unwavering belief in quality and unwillingness to put mediocre products out for sale

Minimum Qualifications

  • A minimum of 1 year of experience in a food environment, with experience in fresh pasta making preferred
  • Must be creative, good with your hands, and willing to try new things and fail
  • Open availability from Wednesday through Sunday
  • Desire to improve fresh making skills and knowledge
  • Independent, organized, and able to prioritize
  • ServSafe Food Handler Certification
  • Solid understanding of food safety practices

Job Details

Valente’s is looking for a reliable, independent, motivated, and experienced sales person to manage our farmers market booth.

You would attend 3-4 markets per week including Rittenhouse Square (Saturdays, 9 – 3) and Palmyra (Thursdays, 4 – 8). There would be an opportunity to pick up additional hours for special events (i.e. Arts & Crafts Festival), and perhaps hours in the shop.

Job Description

  • Pick up products from store and pack car
  • Store products properly at correct temperature range in coolers
  • Arrive at market 30 minutes prior to start
  • Setup tent and display in a visually appealing manner
  • Sell products
  • Track sales on Clover point of sale system through an app downloaded on your phone
  • Count drawer
  • Pack up
  • Return return remaining products and cash to store


  • Must have own means of transportation with enough space to fit coolers, table, packed tent, etc.
  • Must have a minimum of state mandated car insurance
  • Must have valid drivers license
  • Be outgoing, friendly, and knowledgeable about products
  • Must be engaging with customers