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An Update on Valente’s

March 15th, 2020 Posted by Updates No Comment yet

Hello all,

Until otherwise mandated, Valente’s will remain open for takeout and delivery. We will take every precaution to avoid contact and enforce heightened sanitation measures.

We are taking this health scare very seriously but also recognize people need to eat and not everyone wants to or likes to cook.

Additionally, we know that our employees have needs. They have children, rent, and car payments. As long as we can keep them working, we will.

So, you can place orders through our website for pickup or delivery. If you would like curbside pickup or porch drop off for delivery, please indicate that and we will happily oblige.

We will place lighter orders than usual for inventory this week, as we do expect a shutdown at some point, and want to avoid waste. If, in fact, we do have to close, we will offer any perishable products we have for free to whomever can use them.

If you are impacted by the virus and are in need of food, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Just email us at marcello@valentes.us and we will help however we can.

Getting set to break bread

June 22nd, 2018 Posted by Updates No Comment yet

Originally, our goal was to open in early Spring. Due to circumstances beyond our control, that did not happen. So, we semi-jokingly stated that we would open on June 20, since that was our last chance to open in the season. Well, it’s officially summer and we’re still plugging away.

We pressed pause on setting up shop at farmers markets recently so that we could work around the clock to open our storefront. Since then, we passed our first inspection and both the plumbing and electrical work are mostly done. The rest of our equipment is with the supplier waiting for us to say it can be delivered.

We are taking care of some cosmetic items ourselves while we stockpile inventory for the shop. Soon enough, we will have a contractor in there to finish up the remaining work. Then we can get the green light from both the borough and the county to open our front door.

Opening day is coming and we hope to be able to announce an official date very soon.

So, what should you expect from Valente’s when we first open?

First and foremost, we plan to scale up at a sustainable and reasonable pace. We believe that will allow us the best control over the quality of the products we make. Our shelves and deli case will contain imported products, locally-made items, cured meats and cheeses, etc. In the kitchen, we will churn out our the standard pasta, cheese, sauce, meatball, dessert, and other lines we’ve brought to our farmers markets. We’ll also have a select menu of freshly prepared meals in our fridge that will be available on the Mercato page of our site, which will be updated regularly.

The menu will expand in due time and we will add offerings, such as delivery.

We’re in this for the long haul, not to make a big splash and quickly fade away. As residents of this community, we want to grow and adapt with you. We want to hear your feedback after you shop with us and provide you with the items you want and the foods you like the most. While we have big plans and a number of things in the works already, we will devote our focus to one thing at a time.

Throughout the summer, we will be open from Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 – 7:00. When Fall rolls around, we will likely add on Wednesday with the goal of being open six days a week at some point in the near future.

What are we?

May 12th, 2018 Posted by Updates No Comment yet

7 Kings Court, Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Over the last year+, we have established ourselves as a mobile vendor and caterer. Now that we are opening a brick and mortar location in the heart of Haddonfield, we should dive a little deeper into that concept.

Let’s start by stating what we are not. Valente’s is not a pizzeria, nor is it a sandwich shop. It’s is not a sit-down restaurant and it is most definitely not an expansive assembly line establishment.

Valente’s brick and mortar location is built in the image of Philadelphia’s Italian Market shops like the original DiBruno Bros. and Claudio’s. It is an intimate establishment that makes use of every inch of space available to bring you as wide an assortment of Italian goods as possible.

We will have imported and local cured meats as well as a rotating selection of cheeses carefully curated by an industry veteran. We will grate your favorite cheese for you. We will have locally-sourced wheat berries that we will grind into flour for you. We’ll slice deli meats like Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, Capicola, Pancetta, Lonza, Guanciale, and Bresaola.

Our store will have a small selection of pasta making equipment and books, not unlike what you might find at Fante’s. There will be Nutella, Brioschi, ‘Nduja, Bottarga, anchovies, olives, and more.

We’ll have cooking demos in the store, offer a kids’ summer camp, and come out to your home to host wine-and-dine cooking classes for you and your friends and/or family.

Most significantly, we will now offer gourmet grab-and-go meals, from salads to desserts and everything in between. These meals will come in different portions, so you can find what suits you best, whether you’re dining alone or have a big family to feed. This menu will contain staple items, like chicken parmigiana, Abruzzese classics, and specials featuring locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

The heart of our business will not change. We will still make fresh pasta, cheeses, breads, and other offerings we have brought to the Farmers Markets. We’re just growing and trying to fill a need we truly believe exists here in Haddonfield.

The plan is ambitious but the intention is to grow at a sustainable clip, well beyond what is listed here. Those plans will be revealed when the time is right, though.

As we get closer to our opening day, we encourage you to reach out to us via email, Facebook, Twitter, or by phone at (856) 298-1937 and let us know what Italian products you have really been missing and would like to see. We will do our best to accommodate you.

In the meantime, please feel free to sign up to our mailing list, follow this blog, or like us on social media for updates on the progress of our store and to find out where you’ll be able to find us at Farmers Markets and special events.

We really look forward to serving you in a town that we not only love but are proud to call home!

Coming Soon: Valente’s Italian Specialties in Haddonfield

April 4th, 2018 Posted by Updates No Comment yet

You might have seen us posting on our Facebook page and Instagram profile but we wanted to make it officially official that we will be opening a brick and mortar store in downtown Haddonfield, NJ.

We found a nice, cozy location in King’s Court – 7 Kings Court to be exact – that we think will be the perfect spot for our specialty food shop. We are in the early stages of making this space our own, but we are extremely excited to share this news with you!

Our specialty food store will offer freshly prepared grab-and-go meals that will be available for pick up or delivered through GrubHub. We will have staple items and a carefully curated selection of imported and locally-made cheeses, meats, breads, and more that will be available year-round. You can expect the menu to change regularly based on seasonal and locally available ingredients, too.

We’ll be working directly with local farmers and food producers, as well as reputable importers to provide the best and freshest food products we can. We will also offer a selection of frozen items for sale for those who just want to put something away for a rainy day.

Our goal is to fill our shelves with products that our customers want and will keep coming back for. Products you might not find anywhere else. Whether it’s the Kinder eggs you ate as a kid, ‘nduja that instantly transports you to Calabria, the Brioschi you popped like candy, one of our favorite Italian cookbooks, or the same stovetop espresso maker your Nonna always used. We think you’re going to love our charming Italian food market in Haddonfield.

The new store will also serve as a commissary kitchen that will allow us to expand our catering operations for both private and corporate events.

See you this weekend, Rittenhouse Farmers' Market!

Posted by Valente's Italian Specialties on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Of course, we will continue to offer our handmade food products at local farmers markets such as Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market and more this year. Keep checking our event calendar on where to find us or follow us on Facebook.

At this writing, we are planning for a late Spring opening. Stay tuned for more details!

Valente’s joins Rittenhouse Square Farmers’ Market

August 20th, 2017 Posted by Events, Updates No Comment yet

We are pleased to announce that Farm to City has asked us to join the Rittenhouse Square Farmers’ Market.

Starting on September 9, you will be able to find us there every Saturday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. We will be located on the 18th Street of the market. Rittenhouse Square is a year-round market and, with the exception of a few weeks where there are special events taking place in the square — the next two are September 16 and October 14 — we will be there for all of your Italian food needs.

This market is an addition to our ever-growing list of markets and will not impact our attendance at the Haddonfield Farmers’ Market.

We are honored to fill the shoes of Vera Pasta as they move on to bigger and better things.

A special thanks goes out to Jon Glyn at Farm to City for inviting us.


Farmers Market Season is Here

May 9th, 2017 Posted by Updates No Comment yet

It seems like it’s been years since we registered the business and that is because we have been planning nonstop to get to this point in time, Farmers Market season.

We are so incredibly excited to be at the markets in Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Merchantville, Dickinson Square, and The Fountain! The markets officially started this past weekend in Haddon Heights and the others are kicking off soon in the coming weeks. We plan to carry fresh pasta, sauces, and cheeses at the markets and our selection will vary based on both the market and the week. At special events, we will


We are proud to announce our CSP service, or Community Supported Pasta! Cooking is a pain and making healthy food is even more challenging. Let us take the pain out of it by providing you with the fresh ingredients to make top notch meals in minutes. Check out more about the CSP here.

Market Help

The good people at a Jersey shore market asked if we could be there but we are already committed to a different local market. If you will be down the shore on weekends this summer and would like to make extra cash on Saturday mornings, contact us.

Growth Chart

Although Valente’s is still very young, we are growing at a quicker rate than imagined. We are determining our next steps and will keep everyone informed as soon as we can. This includes a retail presence, expanded footprint in the region, and growth to our line of products.

Keep in Touch

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