Dinner Information

This five-course prix fixe Valentine’s Day menu is open to all but made with parents looking for a romantic night at home in mind. The meal costs $80 for two people and includes five full courses of fine Italian dining.

When ordering, please pick your half-hour window for delivery. Begin selecting your options at the bottom of this page.

Orders must be placed by February 7.

Limited quantities available. No substitutions.


A Sicilian take on Ratatouille that features grilled eggplant, capers, and
green olives at its core. Comes with a side of crostini for dipping.


Burrata and Caramelized Peaches
Brûlée slices of peaches adorn fresh burrata and sit atop a bed of baby
arugula and drizzled with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette on top.


Beetroot Pasta with Walnut Sauce
Handmade fresh tagliatelle made from beetroot and tossed in a
creamy sauce that is made from walnuts and ricotta.


Beef Osso Buco
Succulent bone-in beef shanks slowly braised in red wine and
served aside carrots and porcini mushrooms.


Chocolate Panna Cotta with Raspberries
A silky, cream-less Italian chocolate custard served with
both fresh raspberries and a raspberry purée.