Dinner Specials for
the week of 11/12


Meals are served in portions of one, two, or four.
Each meal comes with a salad and bread.
Call (856) 298-1937 to reserve your meal.
Pickup begins at 4:00 p.m.
Unreserved meals are first come, first serve.



Traditional lasagne cooked in a cast iron skillet and
made in individual portions to keep it moist.
Portion Prices: $17/30/50


Cappelletti in Brodo
Cheese filled cappelletti in our
housemade chicken stock.
Portion Prices: $15/27/45


Sunday Gravy
Freshly made rigatoni served with our braciole, meatball, pork,
and sausage in a sauce that slowly simmers all day.
Portion Prices: $17/30/50